Welcome to Gems Rock 100% natural gems

Afrocco2  I am Rocco Jamundo , a faceter from Italy having a passion for natural gemstones

My interest for gems is begun several years ago, I wanted to have a private collection so I bought some cut stones, I was so happy ! and back home I spent several hours checking with the loupe, the stones was I remember, a beautiful bicolor tourmaline, a red garnet , a red spinel, a nice iolite,a yellow beryl, and a peridot.

After some years my dream was to learn to cut stones , so I was to Switzerland where I meet Mr. Hubert Heldner a higly qualified and quality training for Lapidary classes with modern faceting diagrams, precision machines.

After that in 2007 with Mr Heldner we started trip to the mines in Tanzania for Gemsafari , ( please see the program at www.free-form.ch ) we visited Umba Valley where we found nice Rhodolite Garnet a mix quality of Pyrope and Almandine Garnet. In this area we found too nice fancy color Sapphires , Tourmaline, Zircon. Have a look to the photo gallery.

We went to visit Merelani area to Tanzanite mine , there we found and bought some beautiful gems.

All gems in this site are 100% natural and cut by me.

If You are interested to some gem or if You have some questions, please contact me I will be happy to assist You.